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Nursing Student Loans

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 in response to QueenMary...   Loan is one way to go at it, but leave your options open. What most of us do not know can created a future debts in loans. You can apply for scholarship. There is a lot of scholarship out there. And anyone can apply. If you're willing to put in some times in seeking, and apply you can not only pay your way through school, but pay your bills as well. Taking a loan is the easy way. Getting a scholarship take effort. But look at the long term of what success is. Hope this help.
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I'm a mother of 2 young children trying to get back to school & gain employment but because of my immigration status & lack of financial assistance, help is very hard for me to find. How can I qualify for a loan to go back to school?
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If I am not an american citizen or have no citizenship status in the United states can I still qualify for a loan
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